Here’s How to Identify Rogue Poker Sites and How to Protect Yourself Against Them

No industry is perfect for there will always be a bad side. In the case of poker sites, there are more rogue sites than quality sites. If you become a victim, you stand to lose more at the end of the day. With this, you must know how to identify and how to protect yourself against them.

What makes a rogue poker site?

In general, a rogue poker site exists just to rip off players. To avoid these sites, you should at least know what makes it rogue. Here’s what makes a rogue poker site:

  • Bad software: a rogue poker site will never invest in good software. Aside from the user interface, rogue poker operators will try to tweak the payout odds of the games. In the end, this will give them a higher hold percentage.
  • Bad security: rogue poker sites are flagged as “Not secure” because they do not employ SSL encryptions. If the site is not secure, it is easy for other people to steal your money and your information.
  • False advertising: rogue sites always utilize false advertising to entice players. It can be in many forms but it general, rogue sites offer things that are often too good to be true. If you haven’t heard about a specific bonus or promotions, you should be wary.
  • Slow payouts: rogue sites will do their best to slow down the payouts. They can conceal it by giving technical reasons but you should know better. The payout needs to be timely.
  • No payment: a slow payout is better than no payment at all. This is the worse after making a deposit and playing some games.

So, how do you protect yourself against rogue sites?

As mentioned, there are more rogue poker sites than quality sites these days so you should be mindful of your choices. You must put careful thought before you commit or register. To help you, here’s how to protect yourself against rogue sites:


  • Gaming licenses: the best way to protect yourself is to check the gaming licenses of the site. Though there are many jurisdictions with different regulatory bodies and commissions, sites with licenses ensure that games are fair and monitored.
  • Security: the site should be secured enough to keep prying eyes at bay. At the bare minimum, the URL of the site should have a padlock icon next to the site name. This will indicate an SSL certificate, which protects your money and information.
  • Reviews: you can also read reviews to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable poker site. There are many online reviews that you can consider – you just have to be patient and read.
  • Customer service: customer service is important because it can help you sort difficult things. The right situs poker terbaik provides players with assistance regardless of the time or place.
  • Bonuses: more importantly, you should pick a site that offers good bonuses. The bonus will depend on you but it will be good if you get higher bonus amounts. The key here is to use the bonuses wisely.

Are there more tips to be safe online?

Aside from rogue sites, you are also vulnerable to cyber-attacks. It is common for hackers these days to plant malicious software targeting poker players with thousands of dollars in their poker accounts. Whether you have a small or big amount in your poker account, you should know some tips to be safe. Here are some you can consider:

  • Consider security suites: you can always settle for a free or basic anti-virus program, which is bundled with your OS (Operating System). However, this is not enough to keep you safe online. You should pick security suites that include firewall and anti-malware. These can help you prevent someone from accessing your computer.
  • Utilize strong passwords: the next thing that you should consider is using strong passwords. This is by far the easiest thing you can do to protect your money and data online. As much as possible, avoid common passwords. A strong password should include seven to eight alphanumeric characters.
  • Always choose two-step authentication: you should also choose two-step authentication in all your poker transactions. This provides an added layer of security to protect your online accounts from being accessed by someone else. Essentially, it confirms that only you are granted access.

Final words

Finding situs poker terbaik takes time. The key here is you do your research at the onset. If you probe deeper, you will surely sort rogue sites from legitimate and trustworthy sites. Remember that you deserve to play poker safely and peacefully far from scammers and other people wanting to harm you.