The burning questions about Online Poker game

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about online poker. We have gathered here some answers so that those of you who start in the game of poker have a small guide to help you get started. Click here for ทาง เข้า ufabet มือ ถือ.

How Much Money Does It Take to Play Online Poker?

Thanks to the micro-limit tables, online poker is within the reach of the majority. A budget of $ 50 (which can be increased with the help of bonuses) is enough to start.

How is the Money Dedicated to the Game Managed?

Poker can be played for fun or business. If playing for fun, a good idea would be to set aside a fixed financial amount each month for the game and stop playing, or play at the demo tables, should you lose it.Visit this site for ทาง เข้า ufabet มือ ถือ.

If the goal of playing poker is to make money, your budget should be managed in a way that reduces your chances of going bankrupt in the event of a losing streak.

In Limit Holdem, a good player who wins in a sustained manner needs to have at least 350 times the amount of the big bet (which is twice the big blind) to resist the oscillations caused by bad streaks. Therefore, to play at the $ 0.25 / $ 0.50 tables you need $ 175. You can get more information about this in the entry of my journal Initial Budget in Poker.

As for Holdem without limit, when you are starting it is convenient to have 30 times the amount of the maximum buy-in to go on insurance. If the buy-in is $ 25, the ideal would be to have $ 750. It can be done with half, but logically there is a greater risk.

Regarding the Sit and Go’s of 10 players, it would be good to have 80 times the buy-in (it is a conservative estimate, but it is better to cover your back). If you want to play in Sit and Go’s for $ 5 + $ 0.50 the advisable budget would be $ 440.

The amounts I have indicated are necessary to overcome a long streak of bad luck. Logically, a recreational player who has no interest in learning any amount of money will suffice.

How Much Can You Make or Lose in One Session?

It depends on the number of players; how aggressive the game is and our own style of play. The fewer players at the table and the more aggressive the game, the greater the fluctuation. By playing against five opponents aggressively, you can win or lose 50 big bets in a matter of 5 hours; It is not usual, but it can happen.