Scholarly re-covers!

So way back in 2013 I noticed that Booklikes was using the wrong cover for Cecilia Grant’s A Gentleman Undone: a Polish-language scholarly book on medieval history with a distinctly scholarly-book cover. And then, a meme was born: re-cover romance novels to look like academic works. The rest is history.

You can see past covers here.

Today, to celebrate our 99 cent sale, I made covers for Gambled Away and each novella in it!

Buy Gambled Away for just 99 cents!


The scholarly re-cover of Gambled Away, inspired by The Washington Community 1800-1828 by James Sterling Young.


“Gideon and the Den of Thieves” by Joanna Bourne, inspired by  Illuminating Instruments (Artefacts: Studies in the History of Science and Technology), ed. Peter J. T. Morris and Klaus Staubermann. This exquisite story is a standalone prequel to the Spymasters series, set in Lazarus’s underworld court and featuring a 13-year-old Adrian Hawker!

Image credit: Isabelle Grosjean, via Wikimedia Commons.


“Raising the Stakes,” by Isabel Cooper, inspired by Home on the Road: The Motor Home in America by Roger B. White. In this story, set in Dust Bowl California, a two-bit scammer with a heart of gold accidentally wins an elf warrior in a poker game! Then she buys him pancakes, and then they team up to take down a crooked preacher.

Image credit (background): Cbl62, via Wikimedia Commons.


“All or Nothing” by Rose Lerner (me!) inspired by Glorious Mud! by Gus Van Beek. A shy architect asks an irrepressible gambling den hostess to pretend to be his mistress so he can actually get some work done at his ex-boyfriend’s scandalous house party.

Image credit: kev, via Wikimedia Commons.

liar's dice.png

“The Liar’s Dice,” by Jeannie Lin, inspired by How Humans Adapt: A Biocultural Odyssey, edited by Donald J. Ortner. A nerdy, sheltered girl sneaks out dressed in her brother’s clothes for a night on the town…and witnesses a murder in the company of a handsome scoundrel. Who kind of reminds me of Han Solo if Han Solo talked a LOT less.

Image credit (coin): CZDK, via Wikimedia Commons.


“Redeemed” by Molly O’Keefe, inspired by Alexander Hamilton and the Persistence of Myth by Stephen F. Knott. This story is set in 1860s Denver. A doctor (who, I have it on good authority, was inspired by Val Kilmer’s Doc Holliday!) recovering from chloroform addiction in a brothel is drawn reluctantly into the troubles of a beautiful singer trapped in a desperately abusive situation. This story will rip your guts out in the best way.

And now I’m taking requests!! Give me a favorite romance (it can be by you!), and I’ll make as many re-covers as I can today and post them here.



1. Beauty by Robin McKinley, for twillshireen.


Inspired by Longhorned Woodboring Beetles by Steven W. Lingafelter, Eugenio H. Nearns, Gérard L. Tavakilian, Miguel A. Monné, and Michael Biondi.

Image credit: Library of Congress Digital Collections.

2. Lord Perfect by Loretta Chase, for minahbirdie.

lord perfect.png

Inspired by Picturing the Past by Gregory M. Pfitzer.

Image credit: The British Museum.

3. Uprooted by Naomi Novik, for Nicky Penttila.


Inspired by The Archaeology of Social Boundaries by Miriam T. Stark.

Image credit: Wellcome Images, via Wikimedia Commons.


And remember…

Buy Gambled Away for just 99 cents!

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