9 thoughts on “Share your author guesses!

  1. I was already looking forward to this after reading the excerpt Rose posted on her site a few weeks ago, but now I am super excited. I love Jeannie Lin’s books and have been hoping for a story for Wei-Wei. Yay!


  2. Argh, there’s one I can’t get … but here are my guesses:
    1. All or Nothing by Rose Lerner
    2. Redeemed by Molly O’Keefe
    3. The Liar’s Dice by Jeannie Lin
    4. Dammit, I knew I should read more paranormal – Raising the Stakes ?
    5. Gideon by Jo Bourne


  3. Without knowing the author lineup, I would have been able to guess 3: yours (AoN), Lin’s (TLD), and Bourne’s (GGatDoT). With that information, I can guess Cooper’s (RtS), and then by elimination O’Keefe’s. Pretty awesome collection there!


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