Variants of online roulette you should know about

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As with all online casino games, we love all the original versions, but from time to time we would be tempted by exotic variations! If you want to change your ideas about online casinos without stopping playing online roulette, know that there will be many solutionsfor you! Indeed, there are many variations of roulette which are all available at online casinos. We have selected the most popular, so that you can get an idea of ​​everything that awaits you! You will be able to keep up with all the variants, since the variants tend to be similar, but each of them will allow you to have a lot more fun and above all to win much more easily than on traditional versions of the roulette! Click here for 카지노사이트.

English roulette

English roulette, which you can find in both online casinos and land-based casinos, is the direct cousin of the French variant. You will tell us that it is not for nothing that they are neighbors! Therefore, know that you can play seven on this variant of English roulette online. Also, the zero box on this English variant of roulette is green! Remember that you will have to play with a specific color on these roulette tables! Visit this site for 카지노사이트. 

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French roulette

Roulette known as French is without a doubt the one that comes closest to the traditional version of roulette. However, unlike English roulette, you will not find a zero box on the French roulette game. The good thing is that this variant of roulette allows players to place larger bets and therefore be able to generate more substantial winnings. Indeed, there is the concept of winning combos on this French variant of roulette, and so that you can take full advantage of this option, we advise you to adjust your budget in advance!

American roulette

If you want to win easy money at online roulette, we advise you to make sure to opt for the American variant of online roulette. Indeed, know that this will allow players to bet not only on zero like on an English roulette table, but also on double zero. The more boxes available, the more chances you will have to see your bets grow!

Royal roulette

As for Royal roulette,meanwhile we owe it rather to the generosity of online casinos. Indeed, this variant of roulette only exists in online casinos. It is said to be royal because of the fact that it contains a progressive jackpot! The stakes will therefore be a little higher than on a normal roulette table, but they will be worth it if you manage to win the prize pool!


Author: Syed Najiulla