Top simple tips to win and enjoy blackjack

Blackjack is one of the few casino games where money can really be won. There are lots of books and information about it, and also a good number of mathematicians doing doctorates on the odds of blackjack. Click here for fon88.

Play at live dealer tables

You should play at tables with live dealer, or live, instead of software or casino machines. Random number generators are used in all software and the percentage of profit that the casino will have is also defined, so it will be very difficult to win. There are currently many virtual casinos that offer live dealers with which we can play with greater incentives: it is more fun, chance is at stake and, of course, we can win. Something similar happens in the case of physical casinos, so avoid playing blackjack machines. It is always much more fun to play with someone of flesh and blood. Visit this site for คาสิโนออนไลน์เครดิตฟรี 2018.

Sign up for free casinos

To play blackjack well there is nothing more to practice, practice and practice. To do it without major worries, it is best to register in free casinos, where you can practice without spending any, without putting your capital at stake. Anyway, play with real or fictitious money, always do it with head; that is, follow the statistical table because otherwise you will have a good time, yes, but you will not learn practically anything.

Set the money you want to play

Play at tables in which the minimum bet is in line with the money you carry. For example, if you are willing to spend a maximum of € 50, it makes no sense to play at tables where the minimum bet is € 5, for example. Recommendations always talk about using,  at most, 5% of our funds per game session . Even so, it is normal to always start with 2.5% of our funds; Thus, with the previous example, if we have € 50 we will be at a table where the minimum bet is € 0.75 or € 1.

Learn to count cards

There are many strategies for counting cards in blackjack.  Perhaps the best known of all is the addition and subtraction of 1 depending on the cards that appear. There is a lot of information on the internet, but the reality is that casinos also have ways to prevent these systems from functioning. The recommendation is that you think why you do it, whether it is to dedicate yourself professionally to it or simply to entertain you, to have a good time. He thinks that professional blackjack players take one to three years to learn to count cards on a regular basis. If all you want is to go to a casino with your friends one day and see who is the one who earns the most from blackjack, just to have a good time, it is enough that you learn the famous odds chart well.


Author: Syed Najiulla